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Google to remove unverified listings in GMB Early last month we reported that Google will remove unverified listings from the Google My Business listings area but we didn’t know exactly when. It seems like this will start to go into effect this Tuesday, July 28, 2015. A Local Search Forum thread has one person who posted an email he received, it … Continue reading Google to remove unverified listings in GMB

Best SEO Checklist – DIY for your Website

Best SEO Checklist – Demo By Rand Fishkin of MOZ Best SEO Checklist as demonstrated by Rand Fishkin … showing the basics of SEO and what is required for your website.  You can’t put it into better words than he does, so I won’t even try to explain it.  Don’t take my word for it … Continue reading Best SEO Checklist – DIY for your Website

So Whats up? with Business Listings and Citations

Local Business Listings and Citations are So Important The What Why and How of Business Listings and Citations In the simplest and most non-technical terms, understand that your company listings, consisting of your name, address, and phone number (NAP) makes your business visible online and the more business listings and citations you create, the better chance … Continue reading So Whats up? with Business Listings and Citations

DFY FREE Website with Your Hosting and Domain

[highlight color=”black”] DFY FREE Website [/highlight] ~ … when you acquire a new domain name (URL) and Hosting from ~ [highlight color=”black”] So here is the offer to our NEW Clients that want to take us up on this deal. [/highlight] Choice of DFY FREE Website Theme as per our Portfolio list. (1 color change) … Continue reading DFY FREE Website with Your Hosting and Domain

What’s in your website?

Website SEO Consultants – Serving Duncan and Nanaimo, BC The Year 2015 was big! Remember: There were 195 countries that came to an agreement at the “Climate Change Summit“ summit in Paris. There were 2 moons discovered orbiting the planet Pluto. The world poverty levels fell down below 10% of the Earth’s population for the … Continue reading What’s in your website?

It’s time to put America’s small businesses on the map

DoCartSEO | Local Leads | Duncan | Nanaimo | Vancouver Island | BCMarch 25, 2015 – Google Blog

If you searched for “Dependable Care near Garland, TX” a few months ago, you would have seen a lot of search results—but not the one that mattered to Marieshia Hicks. Marieshia runs Dependable Care Health Service in Garland, and it was her business that was missing. But that all changed last month when she attended a workshop at the Garland Chamber of Commerce called Let’s Put Garland on the Map.

The workshop, run by our Get Your Business Online team, showed her how to use Google My Business—a tool that allows business owners to control the info listed about their business on Google Search and Maps—to help more people find Dependable. Marieshia added an updated phone number, hours of operation, and a description to her business listing. Within a few months, she had more customers come through the door and referrals from doctors who could reach her. This one simple adjustment made a difference. In Marieshia’s words: “It’s huge.”

Huge might be an understatement. Four out of five people use search engines to find local information, like business hours and addresses, and research shows that businesses with complete listings are twice as likely (PDF) to be considered reputable by customers. Consumers are 38 percent more likely to visit and 29 percent more likely to consider purchasing from businesses with complete listings. Yet only 37 percent of businesses (PDF) have claimed a local business listing on a search engine. That’s a lot of missed opportunities for small businesses.

With this in mind, our Get Your Business Online team set out in 2011 to help businesses like Marieshia’s get found online. We’ve gone to every state in the U.S. and worked with thousands of business owners to create free websites and update their Google Search and Maps listings. But there’s a lot more work to do to help businesses take advantage of the vast opportunities yielded by the web. So today, we’re introducing Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map, a new program to help 30,000 cities get their local businesses online.

If we want to help every business in the U.S., we need to reach businesses where they are. So this tailor-made program provides each city with a custom website where local businesses can find helpful resources, including a new diagnostic tool that shows businesses how they appear on Search and Maps, a step-by-step guide for getting online with Google My Business, and a free website and domain name for one year with our partner, Startlogic.

We’re also forming partnerships with local organizations—like chambers and small business development centers—and equipping them with free trainings and customized city materials to run workshops just like the one Marieshia attended in Garland. These local partners know the challenges for local businesses more than anyone—and they recognize the value of getting businesses online. After all, getting Dependable’s information online not only means the world for Marieshia, it means even more for the city of Garland. Complete business info can help generate economic value up to $300,000 a year for a small city or up to $7 million for a large one (PDF). So when our local businesses are online, our local economies benefit.

If you have a favorite local business—a day care, a dentist, a dry cleaner—show your support by helping them get their info online and on the map. Visit your city’s website at to find out how you can get involved.

Let’s put our cities on the map!

Thank you Soo Young Kim and Google for this Post

What Is Content Marketing?

What Is Content Marketing? By Charlie Page (DOE) I wanted to share this article about CONTENT MARKETING because “Content is King” period…. Read on and enjoy, great! Have you heard the term “content marketing”? Everybody says “you need to do content marketing,” ” Content is King ” that you’ve got to “get that content out … Continue reading What Is Content Marketing?